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Blender & Unity

  • Some of my renders are on my artstation !
  • Some of my short animations are on my giphy !
  • I'm also doing some freelance work as a Unity developer (gameplay, integration, shaders)

Music video #2: Imaginaire

  • Made with Unity 2019.4 LTS (Built-in pipeline)
  • 3D animation made in collaboration with the VaurĂ©al musical school, for the computer aided music student's track in introduction to the january 2021 school's online concert
  • The animation is real-time, procedural and MIDI controllable, it features compute, vertex & fragment shaders
  • Exported frames with Unity Recorder package on vimeo

Music video #1: Coeur Sombre

  • Modeling & Compositing in Blender, Rendering with Cycles
  • I did a 5 seconds CGI video to introduce the clip "Coeur Sombre" for the artist Vova
  • Checkout the clip on youtube and download the intro video in HQ here
  • The CGI scene was also used for the sleeve with additional work by Fayaz Chatharoo
  • Some free resources was used to make this video possible, you can find here, here & here